Important information about COVID-19


Cleaning and hygiene measures

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we have extreme cleaning in all our apartments, as well as our staff's hygiene measures:

- After each output we clean and disinfect the apartment with Lactic products, a disinfectant recommended by the Ministry of Health against the COVID-19.
- Our cleaning and maintenance staff performs your work with mask, gloves and individual protection equipment.
- Our maintenance or cleaning staff during your stay in no case will enter your apartment, while you are inside, if it is not strictly necessary.
- "Dirty" textiles We collect them, we put them inside a bag and close it to their treatment in laundry.
- We wash more than 60 ° C all the textile material of the apartment, including bed linen and towels.
- All bathrooms of the apartments have a bathroom for a bathroom, double bag and non-manual drive.
- We have reduced decoration and ammenities objects to act according to the defined contingency plan.
- We clean the filters of air conditioners and dryer after each exit.
- Our clients have at their disposal at the entrance to the Hand disinfectant gel apartment in all the tourist apartments.
- We have created a protocol plan in all tourist buildings, so that the preventive distance and hygiene measures are followed.
- The apartments with Covid-19 clients follow some stricter processes and collaborate with a company that carries out specialized treatments to guarantee the safety of clients and workers.

We have also applied these cleaning measures in our offices and our employees follow the hygiene protocols and preventive measures established by the World Health Organization.

You can stay in one of our apartments with total tranquility.

Rules and recommendations to follow during your stay

Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, you must take into account these rules and recommendations during your stay:

- Always keep the security distance of 2 meters between people.
- The use of mask is mandatory in Barcelona. It should be taken in public areas and covered areas, as long as the minimum security distance can not be guaranteed.
- Cover the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, with a flexed elbow or with a single-use scarf.
- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If it is not possible, it uses a disinfectant from hand-based hands.
- Avoid the use of the elevator, otherwise, you can only enter a person + luggage per route. It also avoids touching knobs, interfines or handrails.
- Access to community areas such as terraces and swimming pools will be restricted.
- Avoid having contact with sick people.
- If you present symptoms such as fever, cough or respiratory distress, stay in the apartment and call 061.


Check-in online and autonomous arrival

You can do online check-in through your mobile. In addition, many of our apartments work through electronic keys, which means that you can check-in directly in the apartment, without needing to be in contact with anyone.

Customer Support

Visit ours Contact page To contact our team before any doubt or need. We will be happy to help you and we hope to welcome you to Barcelona very soon.

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